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This Terms of services applies to the World Center of Baby (hereinafter – Company) and its sitehttps://worldcenterofbaby.com/.


WCOB LTD, a legal entity, duly established, registered and existing under valid laws of England and Wales; registered address: 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ England; company number: 11508118; represented by its Director Eva Barkaszi acting pursuant to the Statute.

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This document contains terms of services which provides by Company.

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The user of the site (hereinafter – Client) confirms and understands that the terms of service provided in this document are general, do not create any rights and obligations for the Parties and may differ from the final terms of service that will be offered to the Client by the Company.

Any rights and obligations for the Parties (the Company and the Client) will arise only from a separate Agreement, which will be signed by both Parties.


The Company will be agree to use its best efforts to coordinate the implementation of the relevant surrogacy program, that will be select by the Client, from the programs offered by the Company.

The purpose of the Company is to guide and accompany the Client interested in having a child through surrogacy throughout the surrogacy process.


The Company will not operate as a medical authority, and does not provide medical services. The Company will be unable to act as a body that provides any form of medical and psychological services in regards to the Surrogate/Gamete Donor matching process or the psychological and medical screening process of the Surrogate, or the process of in vitro fertilization, pregnancy, childbirth or postnatal recovery process.


The Company will be help to the Client with coordination of the implementation of the relevant surrogacy program, that will be select by the Client:

- Facilitate the execution of contract on (gestational) surrogacy between the Intended parents and the Surrogate mother and act so that the Surrogate has access to a doctor and the Surrogate can avail herself of the services of a doctor, who will take care of and advise the Surrogate during the pregnancy and birth and for a reasonable time thereafter;

- Obtain and provide the Intended Parents with the following information about the Surrogate: an individual profile of the Surrogate mother and medical background of the Surrogate to confirm that there is no indication that the Surrogate is not eligible to take part in the surrogacy program, and/or there is no medical evidence that could impede her ability to become pregnant; obtain and provide the Intended Parents with the updated information on the course of hormonal stimulation, in vitro fertilization and pregnancy.

- Arrange with medical and licensed specialists of the Clinic the fertilization of the Surrogate mother via implantation of embryo obtained by using the gametes of Intended parents or the gametes of one of the Intended parents and gametes of an anonymous donor; 

- Coordinate the course of gestation, childbirth, birth certificate issue with Intended parent(s) identified as the rightful parent(s) of a Child; 

- Assist on obtaining a birth certificate of the child, if possible - help with paperwork at the embassy / consulate. The Intended parents understand that the Company is not responsible for the registration of paternity of the child in the country of residence and for other documents for the departure of the child from the country of birth

- Work in partnership with the Intended Parents coordinating and managing their dealings with third parties to this Agreement.


The scope of Services provided by the Company will be depend on Surrogacy program that will be choose by Client.

If the Surrogacy program involves egg Donor, the Company will arrange with medical and licensed specialists of the Clinic egg donor matching, medical checkup and blood tests for infections and genetic diseases, individual stimulation protocol, ultrasound monitoring of follicle growth, ovarian puncture with anesthesia, ultrasound-guided oocyte retrieval.

The number of embryos implanted is determined by the fertility doctor in coordination with the Client.


The Client understands that the Child might be born with abnormalities or health problems that might not be detected by prenatal diagnostic procedures or tests. The Client will take custody of the Child upon birth and shall assume full parental responsibility for the Child, regardless of the Child’s health, gender, or physical or mental condition.


The Client (Clients) is (are) aware of the medical, psychological, financial and legal risks involved in realization of program.

The Client agrees to assume the risks and remain financially liable for them, including those related to possibility of multiple pregnancy, Caesarean section and postpartum complications (beyond control of the Surrogate mother), unless otherwise will be identifie in the Surrogacy program chosen by the Client.

The Company cannot completely prevent Surrogate mother and/or egg donor from deviations in contractual performance, even though it undertakes to supervise their behavior. 

There is no guarantee that if a pregnancy occurs the resulting child will be physically and mentally healthy or that the child will not be harmed in the birth process or that it will have no congenital defects, and that the children born through surrogacy may face the same health risks as children born naturally.

The Child born by IVF fertilization may have developmental deviations, with the same probability as with natural fertilization, with the exception of genetic defects diagnosed with the recommended PGD procedure, and that during pregnancy and at the time of birth there may be complications, which are also characteristic of a pregnancy that occurs naturally. If as a result of genetic non-invasive and, if necessary, invasive tests recommended by a physician obstetrician-gynecologist and / or geneticist of the Clinic, it turns out that the child (children) carried by the Surrogate has physical, genetic or chromosomal aberrations, decisions on artificial interruption or non-pregnancy, or selective reduction, is taken in accordance with the current legislation. If the intended parents, taking into account the above-mentioned risks decide on continuing the pregnancy with the Surrogate, they undertake to assume all parental rights and responsibilities in full immediately after the birth of the child, regardless of any birth, physical or mental defects.

The Client realizes and is fully aware that Company does not guarantee the results of the medical services, or there is no guarantee of successful realization of the relevant procedures and occurrence of pregnancy. 

For those countries where the Company is not represented by its own clinic and acts as a facilitator between the Intended Parent and the local Partner Clinics/Doctors, the Company accepts no liability for the performance of the Partner Clinics/Doctors, or for the consequences of any action taken on the basis of information provided by the Partner Clinics/Doctors.


The terms relating to Client’s parental rights and their right to sole and exclusive custody of a Child may not be diminished, disturbed or otherwise affected by any actual or alleged breach.



The client has the right to:

- Enter into the Agreement on the terms proposed by the Company.

- Before ordering services, get complete information about the services provided by the Company.

- Agree with the Company on the cost of Services.

- Get Services of appropriate quality.

- Receive reliable and complete information about services.

- To receive reliable and complete information about contraindications, possible complications and risks, a forecast of the possible development of events during the provision of Services.

- On the secret about the state of his health, the fact of seeking medical help, the diagnosis, as well as about the information obtained during his medical examination.

- Refuse to receive the Service under the conditions to be determined by the Agreement.

The company has the right to:

- Receive payment for the Services in the manner stipulated by the Agreement.

- Receive, store and use information about the Client in accordance with the requirements of the legislation in the field of personal data.

- Involve contractors in providing services.

- Refuse services only under the conditions specified in the Agreement.

The client is obliged to:

- Before concluding the Agreement, familiarize yourself with the cost of services, their number and limitations of the Company's liability.

- Arrive on time for receiving Services.

- Accurately and timely carry out oral or written prescriptions and recommendations of the Company.

- Provide originals or copies of documents necessary for the provision of Services.

- Accept the provided Services of appropriate quality and sign the Acts.

- To pay the cost of the Services in the manner and under the conditions to be determined by the Agreement.

- To pay the cost of non-agreed additional Services, if they are provided at the Client's request

The company is obliged to:

- Provide information about the cost and number of services, conditions of their provision before signing the Agreement with the Client.

- Provide Services of appropriate quality.

- To provide the Client with all the necessary Services provided for in the Agreement.

- Inform the Client about circumstances that may arise and lead to an increase in the scope of the provision of Services, about possible risks and complications that may arise during the provision of Services.

- At the Client's request, provide information about the Company's operating mode, conditions and procedure for providing Services.

- Maintain absolute confidentiality of information.


In detail, the rights and obligations of the parties, the price for the Company's services, responsibility and legislation applicable to the relations of the Parties will be determined by a separate Agreement between the Parties.

The Company reserves the right to modify or waive any condition set forth in this document. This condition becomes binding for the Company only after the appropriate signing of the Agreement with the Client.


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