Creating families with care

We are your loyal partner in building a family. We have Surrogacy, IVF, and Egg Donation Programs, proven experience, and our own fertility clinic. We offer solutions for single, straight married, and gay couples at affordable costs.

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Creating families with care

Making the right choice of the reproductive clinic is a crucial part of the way to successful parenthood. We are here to assure you that World Center of Baby is a unique surrogacy destination since we offer:

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personalized creation
Personalized creation of surrogacy programs

Our experts treat each of IPs’ stories as special and one-of-a-kind. Thus we are against cliched standard packages and opt for offering individual solutions to every intended parent.

financial control
Thorough financial control

All prices for WCOB reproductive services are checked and optimized ― a surrogacy program might be expensive but it’s the best qualitative variant among possible ones

full control
Full control over the execution

of the surrogacy program from the very first step till the successful end. Our experts treat each of IPs’ stories as special and one-of-a-kind. Thus we are against cliched standard packages and opt for offering individual solutions to every intended parent.


We will guide you all the way

The World Center of Baby (WCOB) is a full-service surrogacy agency dedicated to creating new life while ensuring the interests and safety of the intended parents and surrogates in the field of reproductive technology.

Our specialized services make it safer, easier, and more enjoyable for couples, surrogates, and egg donors partaking in this life-changing journey.
All aspects of the surrogacy progress are handled by our team, from matching, to screening, to legal work and social support. If you are looking for a safe, experienced and responsible agency, the World Center of Baby has been recognized as one of the leading surrogate agencies.

Stop postponing your life and start preparing for a new journey!

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Affordable yet secure surrogacy in

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WCOB in the media

It’s highly important for our team to raise the awareness around surrogacy topic and to make more people educated about the latest surrogacy advancements and its overall potential. Media is the best way to become a versatile informative channel for people from different countries and of different nationalities.

Thanks to Olga Pysana's (our Intended Parent Partner) initiative, we’ve disclosed the truth behind being a surrogate and giving childbirth under severe bombing on the BBC Ukrainecast. Explore the details of this miraculous story told by WCOB surrogate Natalia by clicking on the button below.

bbc wttw nyt JENNY KLEEMAN
Larisa and Gabriel
Intended parents

WCOB is not ideal, it’s more than this. It’s helping families to have their child and realize their dream” ― reveal Larisa and Gabriel from Brazil, embracing in their arms two beautiful twins through the help of World Center of Baby. Envision their breathtaking surrogacy experience by clicking on the button below.

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