Surrogacy in Delaware: All You Need to Know

The World Center of Baby aims to provide accessible information to intended parents on the surrogacy journey. Follow through the article to gain a deeper insight into surrogacy in Delaware, discovering options for intended parents.

Surrogacy in Delaware: How Does It Work in the Diamond State?

Those intended parents who consider surrogacy as a viable alternative to adoption may fulfil their hopes and expectations in Delaware. The Diamond State provides one of the most transparent and well-defined legal regulations of the surrogate process. At some point, local juridical rules are similar to Californian, which are recognized as one of the most straightforward. The surrogacy law in Delaware is regulated by the “Gestational Carrier Agreement Act” of 2013. The Act is purposed to procedural safeguards to protect all parties to a gestational carrier agreement in the state. The crucial parts of the regulation are clarification of parental rights over the child born via surrogacy. Quoting the Act, it states that «a gestational carrier is not a parent of a child born as a result of a gestational carrier arrangement.» Hence, intended parents shall have all the rights, responsibilities, and obligations over their baby.

What’s also crucial for couples who are willing to become parents via surrogacy is that Delaware state allows second-parent adoptions procedure upon a pre-birth order, so post-birth adoptions usually are not needed. Another thing that makes surrogacy in Delaware interesting is that LGBT intended parents are treated the same as any heterosexual ones. Commonly, gay couples face more obstacles during obtaining parental rights over their child born to a surrogate. Levelling those specific nuances genuinely makes means of assisted reproduction accessible for everyone in the Diamond State.


What Does Surrogacy in Delaware Cost?

Delaware’s state is similar to California for its surrogacy-friendly attitude and its prices for third-party reproductive services. Thus, the average surrogacy cost will range from $80,000 to $120,000. No wonder aspiring parents consider it expensive. Estimation of general expenses in each particular case differs due to the uniqueness of every infertility case. However, a comprehensive evaluation of the total cost in all cases includes:

  • genetic tests, IVF, associated medications, medical screening, and embryo transfer;
  • maternal wardrobe for a surrogate mother, prenatal, and delivery assistance;
  • gestational carrier compensation;
  • surrogacy agency fees

Surrogate Mother Delaware Requirements

To become a gestational carrier in a surrogacy program in Delaware, a woman must meet the following requirements:

  • must be at least 21 years of age;
  • has given birth to at least 1 child with no prior pregnancy complications;
  • has completed a medical and mental health evaluation;
  • has been represented by independent legal counsel;
  • has or obtains prior to the embryo transfer a health insurance policy that covers primary medical treatments;
  • has clear criminal background records;
  • has a stable financial status;
  • has no harmful addictions and habits;
  • no active sexually transmitted diseases;
  • committed to providing all the necessary data to the clinic

How to Find the Best Surrogacy Agency in Delaware?

Finding a surrogacy agency in Delaware is not as challenging as it may be in other states. However, it is always a challenge to find the one that would be the most suitable for particular intended parents. The reason for this is that there is no one-stop solution. As it goes with any relationships, there must be a mutual connection between intended parents and the agency. Program coordinators and managers are those who will guide you through the surrogacy journey. So not to get confused with many options, consider the following valuable tips.

  1. Discover what ranges of services are provided. The efficient surrogacy agency will give you comprehensive support and assistance. Hence, the more services it covers, the more professional it is.
  2. Be sure you can customize your program. A well-experienced agency knows that every surrogacy journey is unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The ability to add specific services you want to your process is a piece of evidence that you are dealing with thoughtful experts.
  3. Define whether the agency you are dealing with is transparent. A skilled professional will always explain to you the essence of every procedure you are going through, make it understandable for you, and keep you informed on every stage of the journey.

Final Thoughts

Surrogacy in Delaware is one of the best options for intended parents to expand their families. Straightforward local laws make the process accessible and smooth for both heterosexual and same-sex intended parents. However, the prices for the services still reach six-figures numbers.

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