Surrogacy in New York: What You Need to Know

Surrogacy in New York was not always an accessible option. Until recently, it was illegal to pay for surrogacy all over the state. But recently, surrogacy law in New York entered into force, and it changed everything! Keep reading for detailed information.

How much does surrogacy in New York cost?

Most IPs can expect to be paid somewhere between $80,000 and $250,000. In the long run, however, this may turn out to be more expensive. As mentioned above, surrogate compensatory elements of new New York laws require aspiring parents to pay for certain services within a year after the child is born. The final price for surrogacy will ultimately depend on several circumstances and agreements.


Surrogate Mother New York Regulation

For prospective parents in the State of New York, fertility-related difficulties were not only an emotionally difficult time. Still, they were also left without state support in attempts to seek surrogate solutions. This continued until April 2020, when The Child-Parent Security Act: Gestational Surrogacy came into force. The Act requires and guarantees that:

  • a child will be legally linked to its parents from the moment of birth;
  • all surrogates at least 21 years old;
  • a gestational carrier is emotionally and physically equipped to perform its role;
  • a surrogate mother will have a total influence on her health decisions during pregnancy;
  • intended parents will cover fees for surrogate lawyers;
    intended parents will cover the health insurance costs of their surrogate mom throughout pregnancy and for one year (12 months) after the baby is born;
  • if necessary, the prospective parents will cover the expenses of any psychiatric care needed by the surrogate mother if any related issues arise;
  • the surrogate mother is entitled to a life insurance policy, which will be paid for by the intended parents and will operate until the start of treatment and one year after the delivery;
    a surrogate mother can waive the agreement at any time until she’s actually pregnant;
  • a child born under this agreement will be protected by law in terms of financial and general care

The Act also enables LGBT couples to facilitate the process of family formation. According to the bill, if someone gives birth to a child with no genetic connection to its partner, the child will still automatically belong to the couple. Fortunately, this rule applies even if the couple is unmarried. Thus, male and female gay couples can experience the happiness of parenthood without turning to adoption. Sperm donation rules also protect single moms, as this legally binds their child from birth.



Tips to Find a Surrogacy Agency in New York

The surrogacy journey is not always a flawless process. An essential first step to any surrogacy path is research. Many IPs find it complicated when they approach it individually. So the reasonable decision is to address the reliable and trustworthy agency for assistance. In attempts to find the best surrogacy agency in New York, many may be confused by the overwhelming number of prospects and their costs. Here are some fundamental tips to help you not get lost in this journey.

Choose the One That Has Its Own Clinic

It will help you to trim costs per medical services and associated procedures. For instance, the World Center of Baby offers its clients convenient and safe options to welcome their little ones due to its partnership with reproductive and birthing clinics. Besides, the agency has a clinic of its own.

Study the Reviews and Stories of Real Clients

It’s hard to underestimate the value of actual clients’ testimonials. A reliable agency is always transparent about the experience of working with its customers. So keep in mind that third-party reviews are good, but real feedback from actual people is better.


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