Surrogacy in Ohio: What You Need to Know

The World Center of Baby aims to provide accessible information to intended parents on the surrogacy journey. Follow through the article to gain a deeper insight into surrogacy in Ohio, discovering what you may face as an intended parent.

Surrogacy in Ohio: Intended Parents Prospects in the Buckeye State

Despite not having any specific legislation supporting the surrogacy practice, surrogacy in Ohio is permitted by published case law J.F.v D.B.,879N.E.2d740 (2007). According to the case, the Ohio Supreme Court confirmed that gestational surrogacy is not against public policy. Ohio courts grant pre-birth and post-birth parentage orders. Both intended parents can be recognized as legal parents in a pre-birth order while one or neither parent has genetic relation to the child. Such orders can be granted if the parents are both single or coupled, married or unmarried, gay or straight. So, even though there is no such thing as a surrogacy law in Ohio, intended parents can still fulfil their dreams of expanding the family through surrogate motherhood.


What Does Surrogacy in Ohio Cost?

The cost of the surrogacy process in Ohio may vary regarding each parent’s unique case and circumstances. Typically they include:

  • medical procedures (IVF, embryo transfer, and matching program costs which often are not covered by insurance)
  • medical and mental health expenses
  • charges related to the gestational carrier
  • legal fees and court costs
  • insurance for both the surrogate and the baby

An average price tag starts with $110,000 and goes higher depending on a particular surrogacy agency and reproduction clinic fees. Many couples and singles find it expensive and seeking some money-saving tips or solutions abroad. For instance, such countries as Mexico and Colombia became the perfect destinations for same-sex couples due to loyalty to the law in those states towards surrogacy for the LGBT community. And such countries as Ukraine and Georgia attract intended parents with their affordable prices for surrogacy services.


Essentials for a Surrogate Mother Ohio

To participate as a surrogate for surrogacy in Ohio, there are some requirements a woman must meet:

  • delivering and currently parenting at least one child of her own
    having documented by medical records history of uncomplicated pregnancy/ies
  • being of age between 21-41 years
  • a Body Mass Index (BMI) of no higher than 33
  • being a citizen, legal resident, or legal immigrant of the United States
  • not participating in the following government aid programs: cash assistance, welfare, public housing, and section 8
  • no criminal records
  • no harmful addictions

Specific points for a surrogate mother (such as government financial support) may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Finding a Surrogacy Agency in Ohio

Commonly, a couple or single parent has an image of an ideal surrogate carrier. However, to find their fitting match may be a tall order. The first step is to research a suitable surrogacy agency that will become an ultimate guide to this journey and best cater to intended parents’ needs.

The best surrogacy agency in Ohio is the one that is trustworthy and backed by years of experience. It is advisable to find feedbacks or reviews from others who have already gone through this path to determine the top option.

Final Thoughts

Surrogacy in Ohio is a solution for many intended parents. There are many worries and concerns behind the dreams of expanding the family through third-party reproductive services. It is crucial to research surrogacy agencies, estimate the expenses, and consider alternatives if needed.

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