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Surrogacy continues to become a more and more popular choice for many in their journey towards realizing a dream of happy parenthood. The notion of surrogacy itself incorporates a variety of technologies and inclusions such as traditional/gestational surrogacy, IVF treatment with egg donation, surrogacy services for the LGBT community, HIV+ individuals, cancer survivors and more.

Adding to that an extensive range of unique options, each country offers a specific law framework in regard to surrogacy. World Center of Baby carefully analyzes and filtrates the various legal approaches to surrogacy, recommending only the safest options for our intended parents.


The reverse side of the coin

Although a definite positive, the sheer variety of favorable surrogacy destinations only increases the confusion about how each location differs, and  which particular country will best suit the personal needs of each intended parent. Are there any other details you should know before making the final choice on a fertility clinic?

Possible pitfalls & questions:
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Other surrogacy destinations to know about

Given the rapid evolution of reproductive technologies, more and more countries are establishing a positive ground for intended parents to embark on a journey of surrogacy. Apart from the countries listed above, one should also dig deeper into the pros and cons of surrogacy in Thailand,  India,  Greece,  Australia, and  Canada. World Center of Baby believes that only the intended parents will know which destination is the ideal one for their specific needs and preferences.

Panacea from the misfortune exists!

World Center of Baby is focused on helping intended parents successfully navigate through all of these questions and establish peace in their hearts before beginning their surrogacy journey.

Take the first step toward your happily ever after by filling out our brief questionnaire, designed to help our team identify the key points of your personal story, and prepare the most appropriate surrogacy program and destination suited to you.

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