What is the program?

Understanding international surrogacy
Things to consider when choosing an agency/clinic
The budget you need to calculate
What to do next, after the webinar

Who would benefit from the information?

Those who are hetero couples
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Those who are in a
cohabitational relationship
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Olga Pysana

Author of the webinar

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what our clients says

It’s better to listen to those who have already trusted us and become happy parents though surrogacy

Larisa and Gabriel
Intended parents
WCOB is not ideal, it’s more than this. It’s helping families to have their child and realize their dream” ― reveal Larisa and Gabriel from Brazil, embracing in their arms two beautiful twins through the help of World Center of Baby. Envision their breathtaking surrogacy experience by clicking on the button below.

About WCOB

Intended parents
who happily reached their dream of parenthood
Exit process success rate
which emphasizes a stress-free ending of your surrogacy journey
Success rate for first embryo transfer
which makes you closer to your dream without repeated struggles and complications
Children were born
brightened up lonely couples’ life