Surrogacy in Wisconsin: Options for Intended Parents

The World Center of Baby aims to provide accessible information to intended parents on the surrogacy journey. Follow through the article to gain a deeper insight into surrogacy in Wisconsin, discovering options for intended parents.

Surrogacy in Wisconsin: What Are the Options in the Badger State?

Intended parents who are willing to expand their families through the surrogacy process are free to do it in Wisconsin. Even though there is no particular surrogacy law in Wisconsin, the Badger State permits gestational surrogacy by the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision from the 2013 case In re. the Paternity of F.T.R. According to the latter mentioned, pre-birth parentage orders are enforceable unless contrary to the child’s best interest.
Pre-birth contracts on surrogacy in Wisconsin cover:

  • each party’s rights and obligations throughout the process
    prospects and responsibilities
  • gestational carrier remuneration and other financial information
  • contact expectations on each stage of the process (before, during, and after)
  • a plan of the baby’s delivery

The only tricky part intended parents may face is when it comes to second-parent adoptions for unmarried couples (both opposite-sex and same-sex). Unfortunately, this obstacle is common for the LGBT community. At the same time, married gay couples can complete a stepparent adoption after the birth of a child to a surrogate mother.



What Does Surrogacy in Wisconsin Cost?

The average surrogacy services’ cost varies from state to state, and still, it reaches six-figure numbers. If you are lucky enough to trim costs for participating in the program, yet you may end up with a price range of $70,000-100,000. It’s all about the fact that every infertility case is unique and involves an individual approach and treatment. To make the surrogacy journey not so expensive, it is advisable to address the surrogacy agency. It will help you to estimate clearly the general expenses. Commonly, they cover:

  • IVF procedure, associated medications, and embryo transfer
    clinic fees
  • maternal clothing for a surrogate, prenatal, and delivery support
    surrogate mother compensation
  • surrogacy agency fees



Criteria for a Surrogate Mother Wisconsin

Every woman knows that pregnancy requires a fair share of health and wellbeing. Hence, if a female wants to participate in a surrogacy program as a gestational carrier, she needs to meet the following terms:

  • to be between 21 and 40 years old;
  • delivered one healthy child of her own minimum and over 5 deliveries;
  • no records of prior pregnancy complications and no more than 2 C-sections;
  • the relevant BMI (body mass index);
  • to be a non-smoker, non-drug user, with no substance and no excessive medicine abuse;
  • no active sexually transmitted diseases;
  • no previous cancer records or chemotherapy;
  • clear criminal background records;
  • a stable financial status with no government assistance;
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status.


How to Find the Best Surrogacy Agency in Wisconsin?

Finding a surrogacy agency in Wisconsin that would be the most suitable for your particular case may be a tall order, simply because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some useful tips to rest assured that will help you not be misled on your way to your parenthood.

  1. Research the agency with a transparent pricing policy not to get into hidden costs affairs. Since every surrogacy journey is individual, it is a common practice that agencies state approximate estimation of general expenses. However, it must provide you with a full evaluation when you are already in contact with one.
  2. Opt for the one that has its own clinic. For instance, the international surrogacy agency, the World Center of Baby, has its own reproductive clinic, simplifying the negotiation process between agency managers and reproductive specialists. Genetic tests and medical screenings are vital in the surrogacy process. Having a united team of experts is a guarantee of success.
  3. Learn success stories and feedback from real clients to build a better impression on the agency. While it seems evident, it is still an essential part of research that should not be neglected.

Final Thoughts

Surrogacy in Wisconsin is a chance for couples and singles who want to expand their families through surrogacy. Luckily, the Badger State is surrogacy friendly and regulates all necessary aspects of the process by pre-birth parentage contracts.

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