Surrogacy in Kentucky: All You Need to Know

The World Center of Baby aims to provide accessible information to intended parents on the surrogacy journey. Follow through the article to gain a deeper insight into surrogacy in Kentucky, discovering options for intended parents.

Surrogacy in Kentucky: How Does It Work in the Bluegrass State?

Surrogacy in Kentucky is a relatively fresh family-building process in the eyes of local law. It is an accepted practice in the Bluegrass State since no statutes would permit or prohibit surrogacy. At some point, the lack of surrogacy law in Kentucky makes the process accessible to couples and singles who want to expand their families via third-party infertility treatment. However, it implies that the process of obtaining parental rights over the baby may take some time due to the fact that courts grant pre-birth parentage orders. Each party participating in the process — intended parents and their surrogate — must be represented by separate surrogacy attorneys to ensure the rights and responsibilities of each of them.

Luckily, in Kentucky, the legal rights of gay couples and LGBT+ intended parents are the same as those of opposite-sex couples. Yet, unfortunately, the non-biological parent cannot obtain a second parent adoption based solely on the fact that the child was born in Kentucky. The final verdict depends on the court.



What Does Surrogacy in Kentucky ​Cost?

The surrogacy journey is not budget-friendly in the U.S. No matter how local laws differ from state to state, the price tags always reaching six-figured numbers. The average cost for surrogacy ranges from $120,000 to $150,000, depending on whether intended parents need a surrogate and an egg donor. For that reason, many intended parents from the States look up to such countries as Mexico, Colombia, and Ukraine — where the level of reproductive medicine is notably high, and the prices are affordable.

Commonly, regardless of the state or the country your surrogacy journey takes place, general expenses cover:

  • fertility clinic assistance (medical screening and genetic tests, IVF procedure, embryo transfer, and associated medications);
  • surrogate mother compensation (maternal clothing, monthly allowance for miscellaneous expenses, lost wages if any occur, travel to and from medical procedures, and final remuneration);
  • surrogacy agency fees



What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate Mother Kentucky?

If a female wants to participate in a surrogacy program as a gestational carrier in Kentucky, she needs to meet particular requirements. Such as follows:

  • be between the ages of 21 and 41;
  • have BMI (body mass index) of 31 or less;
  • has given birth to and currently raising at least 1 child with no prior pregnancy complications;
  • has completed a medical, physical, and psychological evaluation;
  • has been represented by independent legal counsel;
  • has or obtains prior to the embryo transfer a health insurance policy that covers primary medical treatments;
  • has clear criminal background checks;
  • has a stable financial status with no state support;
  • has no harmful addictions (non-smoker and no illicit drug use);
  • has no active sexually transmitted diseases;
  • has U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status.


How to Find the Best Surrogacy Agency in Kentucky?

Finding a surrogacy agency in Kentucky is more than just finding reliable specialists, which is also a great deal. But mainly, it is about finding the guides who will lead you through this journey safely, ensuring your interests. Before you dedicate yourself to research, keep in mind several essential points.

  1. Look for a transparent outline of responsibilities and steps. The best surrogacy agencies are open about a program’s process and keep you informed in detail through every stage.
  2. Learn the history of success. Surrogacy is a complicated process. A trustworthy agency has a proven record of success.
  3. Attend the first meeting to learn more. Initial impression is essential. The first acquaintance will help you to talk through all the queries that concern you.

Final Thoughts

No specific law does not regulate surrogacy in Kentucky. Therefore, it accessible for intended parents and aspiring surrogates. However, the prices for surrogacy services can’t make it affordable for many people. For that reason, intended parents tend to seek solutions abroad.

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