Egg donation: general overview

To give intended parents the hope of a successful parenthood remains World Center of Baby’s main objective. Being an international surrogacy agency, we offer a range of comfortable fertility solutions for intended parents, including egg donation.


What is egg donation?

Egg donation may at first seem like a difficult topic to understand, full of mystery and question marks. But with a simple and understandable guide, you will quickly be able to realize just how easy and convenient the egg donation procedure can be when supported by a proven fertility clinic.

Egg donation is part of an assisted reproductive technology, where a fertile female donor gives her eggs by consent to another woman who cannot conceive and wishes to carry her own child. The benefits of egg donation are plenty, and we could go on all day! It enables women of an advanced age to bear a child, and also offers women who experience ovarian failure or have any other health-related issues not to use their own eggs for conceiving a baby.

To contribute effectively to the field of infertility treatment and to make more women happier, World Center of Baby constantly updates its huge egg donor base. This is to accurately satisfy the needs of intended parents with various preferences and capabilities.


How does egg donation process work?

Probably the most frequent question asked by intended parents is, exactly how does the egg donation procedure work? It’s important for World Center of Baby to provide our intended parents with comprehensive answers to all of their questions, in order to ensure that there is no uncertainty on their journey toward a happy parenthood. And so, we prepared a consistent guide that we believe will help you to clearly understand the egg donation process.

To begin, the egg donation procedure typically comprises 3 main pillars:

  • egg removal from the donor,
  • fertilizing retrieved eggs in a lab,
  • embryo transfer into the recipient’s uterus by means of in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Let’s take a look at a deeper overview of each of the process components.

1. Egg retrieval

Before the egg extraction process itself, the donor will be injected with certain medications, which control the hormonal level and stimulate more eggs production. When the medication is already working, the doctor retrieves the donor’s eggs from the ovaries with the help of a special needle and ultrasound probe. In the end, the aspirated eggs are sent to the laboratory for further medical evaluation and fertilization.

Worth mentioning is the fact that the whole egg removal process takes around 30 minutes and the feeling of pain is minimized due to sedatives.

Moreover, WCOB's best specialists are always here to give the egg donor emotional and professional support and to guarantee that the entire donation process goes smoothly and safely.

2. Egg fertilization

The fertilization takes place in a special laboratory dish where retrieved eggs “meet” previously collected semen samples from a biological father. Before the third stage of egg donation (embryo transfer and implementation), the eggs should be fully fertilized within 3 to 5 days, taking into account strict control from the embryologist’s side.

3. Embryo transfer

The embryo implantation procedure requires inserting a special device called a catheter (which looks like a thin tube) into the recipient's uterus while releasing an embryo there. As for the pregnancy, it usually occurs within 6 to 10 days; the timeframe may differ due to the individual peculiarities of each woman.

In case you have a deep interest in trying out the egg donation process yourself, feel free to complete a concise questionnaire, which will guide you to further steps.

World Center of Baby is always by your side

Egg donation is a quick yet complex method that requires a well-planned process to reach the final goal of conception, safely and successfully. There’s always room for uncertainty, but donating your eggs can help another woman reach her dream of becoming a mother, which is an incredibly rewarding feat.

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