Ukraine Surrogacy Cost: Benefits and What You Need to Know About the Financial Side

It’s not a surprise that so many couples are turning to Ukrainian surrogacy agencies; there are a lot of benefits, one of them being Ukraine surrogacy cost. Click here to find out more about the prices and get a free consultation on the best program for you.

Ukraine surrogacy cost is one of the benefits that draw couples’ attention as they look for a surrogate. With a high level of service quality and support, you have a much smaller price to pay if you opt for surrogacy in Ukraine. Getting such services is the only way to have a baby for thousands of couples around the world.

In Ukraine, gestational pregnancy and other programs became legal in 2002. Since then, a lot of intended parents are going all the way to Kyiv to get a chance to become a mother and a father.

Let’s see why Ukraine’s surrogacy cost draws so much attention and what is included in the price.

The Cost of Surrogacy Ukraine: Average Numbers and Benefits

When talking about cost, you will get different numbers at different agencies, depending on the program you choose. The average cost of surrogacy Ukraine is around $35,000. This is an estimate, not depending on the program or a particular agency.


What Services Are Included in the Surrogate Ukraine Cost: Overview

With such surrogate Ukraine costs, the quality of the services may be difficult to believe, but it has helped thousands of couples become parents.
Guaranteed surrogacy programs combine all the services you might need in a reasonable surrogate mother Ukraine price. To find out the full cost, get a free consultation. A professional will brief you on the cost of gestational surrogacy Ukraine and choose the best program for you.

The guaranteed surrogacy program involves:

  • No-wait policy for surrogate mothers or egg donors;
  • Genetic diagnosis prior to implantation;
  • 1-year storage of frozen embryos;
  • Full insurance for the surrogate mother;
  • Covered accommodation in Kyiv in a convenient location for the first and the last visit;
  • A personal manager/coordinator that will answer all the questions about Ukraine surrogacy cost, etc.



Surrogate Mother Ukraine Price: Installment and Surrogate Payments

Another great benefit of Ukraine surrogacy cost is the possibility of instalment payments. The top priority of the agency is the comfort of our clients, so we’ve incorporated a partial payment system

You don’t have to pay the whole cost of surrogacy Ukraine as one sum. There is a possibility to divide the price into 4 payments:

  • As you sign the contract with our agency;
  • Upon the 12th week of pregnancy (the first trimester);
  • Upon the 26th week of pregnancy;
  • Upon the delivery of your baby.

The payment for the surrogate mother is included in the price. If you want to find out more about the cost, get a free consultation with our representative.


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