When Do You Get Period After Failed IVF: Answers To Exciting Questions
Alex Yushin
December 11 2022

It is important to understand when to expect period after failed IVF? One of the most common questions is: when do you get period after failed IVF? The research institute reports that infertility affects 17% of couples who are trying to conceive. IVF with their own eggs or donor eggs is often the most effective treatment for infertile couples, allowing them to fulfill their greatest wish: having a healthy child. But there's always a chance that these treatments may fail—something that must be taken into account when making this decision.


This situation should inspire a sense of hope and possibility. It also raises important questions:

When to expect period after failed IVF?


We can help answer this question: when to expect period after failed IVF? IVF success rates are continually on the rise thanks to advances in assisted reproductive technology and these improvements are being replicated at treatment centers around the world.

Although success rates are rising, the number of patients accessing IVF treatments is also increasing. A successful cycle may not be achieved on the first try—which means that in real terms, more and more cycles are being performed even as fewer patients become pregnant.


The time when menstruation appears depends mainly on the treatment used. For example:


  • Patients who have undergone an embryo transfer in a natural cycle usually experience their period at the expected time.
  • If we administer hormonal medication, the body will start to produce its own hormones two or three days after treatment has been discontinued. If it does not appear within two or three days, you should consult with your doctor again.


The first period may differ in duration and intensity than usual.

When will I get period after failed IVF: Will it be an ordinary period?

A period can be heavier than normal if you've taken medication that makes your endometrial lining thicker. This happens when a woman gets her period, because bleeding is coming from the shedding of this tissue. This might be a bit more painful than your regular period, as you are shedding more tissue. It should, however, feel similar in consistency to an average period.

How long after failed IVF will I get my period: Does IVF change menstrual cycle?


We are often asked the question: when will I get period after failed IVF? After an unsuccessful IVF cycle, menstruation may be painful and heavier than usual. Medication can help thicken the endometrium before you undergo another egg retrieval procedure. After that time, your menstrual cycle should return to normal. However, it is also important that your mental health is normal, so it is important not to lose heart. 


In the days, and even weeks following a failed cycle, you may feel an extreme sense of loss—you might be unable to contemplate going through another IVF procedure. The grief can seem so overwhelming that it's impossible for you think about having more kids.

About six weeks after a failed cycle, when emotions have calmed down and the patient is more able to reflect on his or her experience with objectivity, it's common for clinics to schedule an appointment between doctor and patient in order better understand what went wrong during treatment.


Try to hold out for this appointment, in which you and your infertility specialist will discuss the results of your recent cycle. You may find that there are changes that can be made to the protocols—which might help your odds on a subsequent cycle.


Further fertility investigations or alternative techniques may be tried. If the cause of IVF failure is suspected to be poor egg quality, it may be worth investigating options you had previously rejected—for instance, using donor eggs. We hope we could help to understand “how long after failed ivf will I get my period”.


If a couple has had several failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, they may be ready to look into going abroad for treatment. However, it's important that the potential patient understands all of the benefits and drawbacks associated with this option before making any decisions about seeking infertility treatments across international borders. 

We hope we were able to help you understand when do you get period after failed IVF.


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