The Most Ideal Surrogacy Destination for European IPs: WCOB’s Personal Recommendation

Alex Yushin
August 12 2022

We’ve analyzed so far three different destinations. Each of them has its pros and cons and at the same time, it seems that Mexico is an ideal destination for LGBT intended parents who are situated in the USA in close proximity to Mexico. But which country is appropriate for European gay IPs? Actually, we have prepared an ace in the hole for you and it is Cyprus!

Why do we think that Cyprus is the most favorable surrogacy destination for European gay IPs? Because it responds to the most popular LGBT requests in a beneficial way.

By the way, don’t hesitate to leave your contact info below and get to know more peculiarities concerning the gay surrogacy journey in Cyprus through individual consultation with our manager.

Below you may find out four crucial guidelines to follow while choosing a destination for your particular surrogacy journey.

LGBT Surrogacy in Cyprus: Strong Points

Guideline 1. Legal protection.

Surrogacy legislation in Cyprus is quite flexible and liberal. It offers an opportunity for both heterosexual and gay IPs to undertake gestational surrogacy. Even more preferable and legally secure way is IVF treatment and further embryo transfer to the gestational carrier’s uterus. 

So when you come to Cyprus, you may be sure that the entire surrogacy process is strictly monitored and legally supported.

Guideline 2. Medical facilities & programs’ quality.

Here in Cyprus not only touristic attractions may fascinate you, but also maternity hospitals and fertility clinics with their high level of professionalism and technological enhancement. Furthermore, the prominent success rates of the majority of Cyprian clinics are the visible evidence of what can be achieved by means of modern facilities and the true dedication of medical personnel.


What concerns surrogacy programs, WCOB creates a unique solution for each of the intended parents, taking into account their initial story, capabilities, and preferences. For LGBT individuals, we’ve prepared an excellent guaranteed program “Extra Care” which incorporates premium donor selection, surrogate matching without a waiting list, and essentials for the newborn (baby formula, bath, crib, baby stroller). Besides, all surrogate health risks and NICU are covered to make your journey stress-free and secure.

Versatility is a Key

We at World Center of Baby appreciate people’s diversity and always apply a personalized approach while creating a surrogacy program. To find out which surrogacy options are available and how to combine them efficiently ― please fill out the form below and get in touch with our coordinator for further details.

Guideline 3. Matching process.

There’s a common fear among same-sex couples that the matching process with a surrogate might fail if the woman is not friendly toward the LGBTQ+ community and eventually wants to keep the newborn. 

In Cyprus, it’s not a possible scenario since: 1) if it’s a reputable surrogacy agency, no one wants to put a dark stain on their reputation by discarding the individuality of LGBT IPs and matching them with an inappropriate surrogate; 2) a surrogate mother has no biological link to a child she carries, thus she is in no position to claim a child as hers. The surrogate mother already has her own family and kids and clearly understands her mission when entering the surrogacy program.

Guideline 4. Exit process.

A proven surrogacy agency in Cyprus has legal representation in the country to deal with all juridical challenges and ensure a smooth exit process. We also emphasize the matter of co-managing with your home country’s solicitor, because it makes it possible to cover you on both ends of the world, guaranteeing not only an easy exit process but also a secure entering your home country with a baby in your arms.

Hopefully, you’ve gained plenty of new insights and directions to follow. We at World Center of Baby will be extremely glad to help you make the right decision on the way to your dream. Therefore, please complete the short form below and our manager will quickly get in touch with you to efficiently plan your family together.

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