How to find a surrogate mother?

Ihor Lanetskyi
August 12 2022

The surrogacy process would be incomplete without a surrogate mother’s contribution. IPs’ overwhelming gratitude toward surrogate mothers is mixed with the question: how to find a surrogate mother? How to understand that this particular woman perfectly aligns with my expectations?

Let’s dig deeper and find out where and how to find a surrogate mother.

Where to find a surrogate mother?

There are a few methods concerning the search for a surrogate mother. And only you as an intended parent decide which particular path to choose in order to find an ideal surrogate. 

Probably one of the most reliable and safest ways to find a surrogate mother is by referring to a surrogacy agency like World Center of Baby. The choice of a proven surrogacy agency is justified by handing over the entire process to an experienced surrogacy specialist, who knows his niche and skillfully navigates through potential obstacles. A lot of reproductive agencies already have an approved list of physically and mentally prepared surrogates, waiting for a matching process to take place. The experts also ensure that the chosen surrogate shares common values with the intended parents and fits in with their needs and preferences. 

The other popular variant of where to find a surrogate mother is opting for direct cooperation with a fertility clinic. The majority of reproductive centers have also a certain database of surrogates, ready to get pregnant and present IPs with a sense of parenthood. However, you may lack a more personalized attitude and individual guidance throughout the whole process within the clinic walls which can be achieved in a surrogacy agency. 

How to find a surrogate mother in my area: helpful tips

If you consider embarking on a surrogacy journey in your country or even in your hometown, the first piece of advice would be to check the presence of surrogacy agencies and/or fertility clinics in your neighborhood, since these 2 options are the most successful and secure for intended parents.

In case there is no such organization in your local area, don’t give up. You may use the power of networking and tell about your family-building plans via surrogacy to your close set of friends or relatives. A sprinkle of courage may lead you to a discovery that someone precious to you is in fact willing to help you realize the dream by becoming your surrogate. 

Apart from this method, online forums and support groups are helping to find surrogates and connect them with intended parents. By joining a social media community that shares the same goal, intended parents feel additional support and emotional unity with the group members.

Where can I find a surrogate mother: final thoughts

Finding a surrogate is a highly important and responsible step for each of the intended parents. We at World Center of Baby dedicate ourselves to ensuring the careful selection and the most comfortable matching process with a surrogate to reach the final goal successfully. 

Please visit our website and complete a brief introductory form so as to make yourself one step closer to establishing a relationship with a perfect surrogate found at World Center of Baby.

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