How to Choose the Ideal Surrogacy Destination for LGBT Intended Parents?
Alex Yushin
August 12 2022

The versatility of surrogacy destinations and legal attitudes toward assisted reproductive technologies fascinates and frightens at once. The more research on various countries and surrogacy agencies you do, the harder it becomes to make your final choice without any regrets and doubts. Especially when we talk about LGBT surrogacy and the smooth exit process with a baby in your arms. 


So let’s compare the most popular surrogacy options for same-sex IPs and get more insights in terms of choosing the right surrogacy destination for your dream realization.


  • What should you know about American surrogacy legislation?
  • Argentina and its legal attitude toward gay surrogacy;
  • Why is surrogacy in Mexico an ideal choice for LGBT intended parents?

A, B, or C? The Correct Answer Is…

You may have the same sexual identity, but a different cultural mindset. And that presupposes a unique surrogacy scenario and the individual end goal. However, all LGBT intended parents are united by the same deep desire to experience parenthood at least once in their lifetime. This heartfelt wish faces the first significant barrier when you have to choose a surrogacy destination for your personalized journey.

Having done thorough research on different platforms, forums, and social media sources, you probably end up with 3 humble words written in your notebook: the USA, Argentina, and Mexico. Let’s analyze how they differ and what they have beneficial for LGBT intended parents.


The USA is a top country for undergoing surrogacy both for heterosexual and same-sex IPs. But each American state has its own regulation system in terms of surrogacy, which complicates the process of sorting out legal and illegal attitudes toward gay IPs. On the contrary, Argentina is the first South American country to recognize same-sex marriage on a legal level. But despite this progress, LGBT surrogacy isn’t legally regulated here.

Surrogacy in America is quite an expensive service that cannot be accessed by all willing intended parents, unfortunately. Yes, fertility clinics in the USA have high success rates, modern medical equipment, and a carefully selected egg donor/surrogate database, but all these advantages have their high price, which can lead to a risk of leaving intended parents with empty pockets. In Argentina, the surrogacy process is on the contrary cheap and affordable, but it lacks safety guarantees and once again a firm legal framework.

As for the exit process, since the different state has different regulation, the exit process for gay IPs in the USA might include additional troublesome steps like court process with a pre-birth order and relinquishing the parental rights of the surrogate or even full/second-parent adoption. When compared to Argentina, here in order to claim full parental rights over a newborn, a gay couple should receive adoption approval from the surrogate mother too. You literally place the future of your kid in the hands of a surrogate, which can be quite risky and unexpected.

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