How to Become a Surrogate Mother in 2021 — Benefits of Surrogacy
August 12 2022

The decision to be a surrogate mother nowadays is not made by accident. Most women who decide to take this path are fully aware of what is in store for them, so they think the opportunity through before stepping into this journey. Being a surrogate mom or carrying someone else’s baby or embryo in your womb is definitely no small feat. It entails a lot of sacrifices, selflessness, and the prospect of having something inside you grow outside your own DNA. Together with World Center of Baby, you can learn about the advantages of professional surrogacy today.

How to Be a Surrogate Mom

Being a surrogate mother is a great opportunity to help those who really need it. But the choice shouldn’t be made promptly, as it is imperative to know what you are getting into. If you think this is the right time to be a surrogate, read this article and determine what you need to think about before applying.
Commercial surrogate motherhood is becoming more and more popular these days. It’s no surprise that many women decide to become surrogates due to the number of advantages it has. First, the financial aspect of this type of surrogacy is of prime importance. The surrogate mothers are paid remuneration per their services, so this can be considered as the job of giving care to someone in need. On the other hand, many parents prefer this option because they can conceive a child they were dreaming about for so long.
For optimum results, you should analyze your motives and goals, acknowledging the benefits and possible disadvantages of the decision. So here are some of the most essential facts that surrogates should consider before deciding whether or not to carry someone else’s baby.
A surrogate mother has to understand clearly what her role is in the baby’s life. When you decide to become a surrogate mother, you decide to give your physical body to carry someone else’s baby for them. You will have no rights over the baby, at which point you will have to follow the contract with the surrogacy agency and intended parents.

How Can I Become a Surrogate?

If you decide to become a surrogate mother, then there are two ways to choose from. You can take the risk and try your hand at an independent surrogacy, or trust the professionals from the agencies. If you haven’t made the final choice yet, then try to start by exploring the questions of how to become a surrogate through reliable sources. You must remember that surrogacy is a serious and responsible step. After making this decision, you are placing a tremendous responsibility on your shoulders.
The main thing is to remember that the agency will find a suitable match for you and professionally provide the surrogacy process. Make sure you are provided with health insurance. In addition, the agency assumes all the risks and pays compensation in case something went wrong through no fault of yours. So if you are going to study the question of how to become a surrogate mother, then Word Center of Baby recommends contacting an agency.

How to Apply to Be a Surrogate Mother?

When you decide to become a surrogate, you can choose to do it for someone close to you or for an anonymous couple. While the first alternative has its advantages, the second one is definitely safer. This way, your health will be monitored and taken care of by experienced specialists.
You should always keep in mind that this is not the easy money you are making. You are giving life to a new person and making other people happier by giving them a chance to realize their dream of becoming parents. There are also certain restrictions that need to be followed. You can’t use any medications or other psychoactive substances during pregnancy, especially cigarettes.
There are several agencies that can provide you with this service; however, not all of these agencies offer transparent services, and their decisions might not always be for the benefit of their clients. Some agencies might not even check if another surrogate mother is already pregnant with the same couple’s embryo.


These days, surrogacy is one of the most popular ways to build a family. It’s also one of the best ways to help other people become parents. Even though it’s becoming more and more accepted in our society, it’s still something that isn’t very easy to talk about. Unfortunately, there are many myths around the topic of surrogate mothers. We decided to try and shed some light on this subject. Some women decide to be surrogate mothers for various reasons. Sure, the money is nice, but it’s not the number one factor that makes them decide to go through all of this process. Normally, they’re just ordinary people who enjoy helping others.


Is Surrogacy Legal?

Surrogacy is legal on paper in most places but may not be legal in practice. Some states ban surrogacy contracts, while others don’t. The key is to check with your state before pursuing surrogacy, as it could make all the difference in the world. Surrogacy may also be illegal in some places but available in others. Thus, surrogacy is legal in Ukraine and Mexico at affordable prices. Also, some countries only permit surrogacy for married couples or citizens having already had children.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Surrogacy Agency?

Specialists from the agency will explain to you how to be a surrogate mother and how to become a surrogate. In addition, the agency will take responsibility for the whole process and provide you with the best medical services and insurance. For a surrogate mother, contacting an agency does not cost anything. The agency will withhold a portion of your transaction income as compensation.

How Do I Become a Surrogate Mother?

In order to become a surrogate mother, you must weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision. If you have answered the question of how do you become a surrogate and have firmly decided to act, then you have two ways. The first way is independent surrogacy, which brings a moderate profit and does not compensate for risks at all. The second way is a professional agency that will provide you with insurance and comprehensive support. The agency’s specialists will not only explain to you how to be a surrogate mother but also take responsibility for the success of the process.

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