How Much Is A Surrogate In California: Is It True That This Is The Best Option For Your Couple?
Olga Pysana
December 11 2022

If you wish to go through the process of surrogacy in California, of course, you want to know about the average surrogate price in California and what are the costs included in the final price. Keep reading as we share some tips on the approximate cost of surrogacy in California and all the factors that influence the total cost of surrogacy in California (statewide). 

Surrogacy Cost California: How Much Is A Surrogate In California

The exact surrogate price in California is not fixed as each case is unique and the final surrogate price in California depends on several factors such as: 

  • Travel expenses (if travelling from abroad or from another state)
  • Surrogate agency fees
  • Legal paperwork fees
  • Monthly payments to the surrogate mother (through arranged instalments)
  • Consultation/counselling support
  • Medical and fertility treatment costs e.g. IVF costs
  • Insurance policies


In the case of medical and fertility treatment costs, the fees vary based on the type of treatment. For example, IVF treatments are generally more expensive, costing anywhere from $7-14K per IVF cycle whereas traditional egg donation procedures are less costly.

Cost of surrogacy in California

By considering all the above factors and fees, the average cost of Surrogacy in California ranges from $40-70K if you choose to go through the traditional surrogacy route via egg donation. 


However, in case you choose the gestational surrogacy option, the fees are significantly higher and you’ll be expected to pay anywhere from $90-130K. One of the key factors that make gestational surrogacy in California much more costly, is the higher cost of IVF treatments. In some cases, more than one cycle of IVF treatments may be necessary to achieve results, adding to the final cost of surrogacy in California. 


If we compare these two options, there is no best option that fits all cases, however, your final choice depends on your budget and other potential factors. 


For instance, if you are on a tighter budget, you may go for the traditional surrogacy method and egg or sperm donation. However, traditional surrogacy is a much more lengthy and emotionally exhausting process compared to gestational surrogacy and if you are in a hurry for any reason, this may not be a suitable option for you. It’s also less effective in case you have major fertility issues. 


On the other hand, if cost is not an issue for you and you want to go through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible, it’s best to choose gestational surrogacy which includes IVF treatments as well. From our agency's experience, gestational surrogacy is much more popular for these reasons so unless your budget is tight, there is no reason not to go for gestational surrogacy. 


The good news is that established surrogacy agencies may help you navigate through the process within your means. As a worldwide surrogacy agency with hundreds of happy couples from California and abroad, we can help you go through the process in the best way possible and consider your budget and needs. Careful financial planning, researching, and negotiating of fees will certainly help keep all these exorbitant costs under control. 

How Much Does A Surrogate Cost In California: Is This Really The Best State For Surrogacy? 

Many couples and aspiring parents from the U.S. and possibly abroad may wonder if California is the best state for surrogacy in terms of costs and how it measures up against other states. 


In general, surrogacy in the U.S. is very popular and has the highest rates of success compared to other countries, however, the costs of surrogacy in the U.S. are very high. The surrogate price in California can in some cases surpass $130K which is the highest average surrogate cost in California. The costs also vary slightly based on the area but generally speaking, there are no major differences in surrogacy prices in California based on the type of area e.g. urban or suburban. Although we do not have any official data for all states to make a safe comparison, California followed by New York is one of the most expensive states to go through a surrogacy process. Still, the state is widely popular for aspiring parents wishing to go through surrogacy due to advanced and efficient treatment procedures, availability of surrogate mothers, and established agencies. 


At World Center of Baby, we have the experience and expertise to help you go through your surrogate journey in California and beyond legally without any local restrictions or unnecessary or hidden fees that may stretch your budget way above your means. So feel free to consult us for customized surrogacy programs that fit your requirements. 

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In California: Conclusions 

California in general is a highly sought-after state for aspiring couples wishing to follow the surrogacy route, despite its high costs. The cost of a surrogate mother in California (alone), ranges between 45-60K in the form of monthly payments, but this does not include any legal or additional fees you may have to pay in total.


As discussed earlier, the final cost will depend on several factors but on average, you will have to spare anywhere from $90-130K. Keep in mind that the rate will fluctuate as many rates are not fixed. For instance, having twins or multiple babies, extra IVF cycle treatments, surrogate pregnancy complications, and unforeseen legal expenses may add to the final price by a few thousand dollars. As each case is unique, the final costs will be unique too. 


We sincerely hope we have a good picture of the expected average surrogacy cost in California and we will be more than glad to help you on your surrogacy journey in California or any other state from start to finish. Don’t waste time and resources trying on your own--we can help make your surrogacy journey as smooth, quick, and fruitful as possible. 

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