How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In Canada: Is This Option Suitable for Your Couple?
Ihor Lanetskyi
December 11 2022

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In Canada: Is This Option Suitable for Your Couple?

Are you wondering how much is a surrogate in Canada and if Canada is an ideal country for a couple to have a baby through a surrogate? Keep on reading to find out what is the estimated surrogacy price in Canada and everything you need to know about the costs involved if you choose the surrogacy option in Canada. 

How much is a surrogate in Canada?

Unlike the U.S and other countries, it is not legal to directly pay for the services of a surrogate mother and to purchase sperm and eggs for reproductive purposes, unless surrogacy is voluntary and free (classified as “altruistic”) of charge. But it is legal to pay  the expenses incurred by the mother during the course of her surrogate pregnancy. Given that every case is different, aspiring parents are expected to reimburse their chosen surrogate mother based on the special circumstances of the pregnancy. For instance, if the pregnancy has complications and the surrogate has to be hospitalised or remain in bed, parents may be required to pay extra medical fees to treat these complications. 

Given the legality aspects of surrogacy in Canada, official agencies that match potential parents with surrogates are nearly non-existent, as is the case in the U.S. and other Western countries. If a couple decides to go through the surrogacy journey in Canada, they will have to act independently and find a surrogate mother on their own.

Despite the lack of official agencies who have the right to legally match parents with surrogates, there are some clinics that offer consultancy services and may help couples find surrogate mothers that fit their criteria. However, these are often restricted in their capacity to offer such services and may be penalised by the authorities in case they cross any legal boundaries. 

How much does a surrogate get paid in Canada?

As specified earlier, surrogate mothers in Canada cannot be legally paid for their services as a surrogate, however, the parents are expected to pay for the separate costs that come with each surrogacy pregnancy and may include:


  • Basic expenses e.g. food, pregnancy clothing, utility, housekeeping, etc.
  • Medical (doctor appointments, transportation fees, drugs and supplements).
  • Post birth expenses (after-birth recovery, baby nutrition, exercise, self-care expenses, etc). 


According to our sources, all these combined amount to an average surrogacy price in Canada of $29.950 for first-time surrogate mothers. However, this amount only includes all necessary expenses and does not include additional medical fees or treatments in case of pregnancy complications. You may have to pay the surrogate mother extra for organic food, supplements, wellness and special exercise programs, and lost wages.


By law, surrogate mothers in Canada are required to provide proof of all their surrogate expenses to receive compensation. As such, potential surrogates are deprived of any financial incentive to offer their services, although many mothers who went through the process claim that their final compensation is worth their time and effort. Mothers who fail to provide proof of their expenses (e.g. actual receipts or product or services bought during surrogacy pregnancy) do not have the right to claim full or partial compensation for such expenses. 

Surrogacy Price in Canada

Given the above and what does a surrogate mother’s compensation include, if you are still wondering how much is a surrogate in Canada (in total), there is no single answer that applies to every case but you’ll most likely have to spare anywhere from 30K-85K to cover all expenses involved with surrogacy in Canada such as:

  • Attorney/legal fees (approx. $20K)
  • Medical procedures (approx. $25K)
  • Surrogate mother expenses (approx. $30K)
  • Egg donor fees (approx. $5-15K)
  • Transportation/travel expenses ($5-10K)

Keep in mind that the cost of an IVF treatment cycle to achieve pregnancy is around $85K but this may vary remarkably based on the number of embryo transfers. Extra embryo transfers in case of past failed attempts may cause anywhere from $3-5K per attempt. 

The total medical fees that cover both the surrogate mother’s wellness and that of the baby are not fixed. The basic care of a mother before and after birth is covered by social security services. However, the care of the baby and the associated costs after the surrogate gives birth is the responsibility of the parents. The average cost of baby care in a private hospital or clinic is $1000/day and the costs may rise if the baby needs to remain under special or intensive care programs. 

How Much For Surrogate In Canada: Positive Aspects 

While the legality of surrogacy in Canada is unclear in some aspects and the process of finding a surrogate in Canada is often an independent journey, the costs that come within surrogacy in Canada are lower compared to the U.S. The main reason why surrogacy costs are lower in Canada compared to the U.S. is the lack of official agencies and programs permitted to directly match aspiring parents with surrogate mothers and the supposed “free” and voluntary surrogacy process that takes place between the two parties e.g. parents and the surrogate mother. In reality, there are several costs lurking behind which are outlined above but still the costs are much lower than the average price of surrogacy in the U.S. which is $120K.


Keep in mind that social security services do not cover post-birth child care in case the parents are foreign citizens or if the baby is born immaturely. For this reason, the parents are expected to cover all these costs after their child is born through the surrogate. 


All in all, it is hard to answer the question “how much is a surrogate in Canada '' as the process is semi-legal and there are many expenses involved which are not fixed and vary from one case to another. However, based on current stats, as a couple wishing to go through surrogacy in Canada you’ll likely have to pay anywhere from $30-85K. 


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