How Much Does IVF Cost In NY: What You Should Expect
Olga Pysana
December 11 2022

Many aspiring parents who wish to go through an IVF treatment journey in NY wonder how much is IVF in New York, what the average IVF cost is in New York and what factors influence how much is IVF in New York.


We understand you need to have a good grasp of the actual IVF cost in New York to plan accordingly so keep on reading to find out more. 

How much is IVF in NY: Basic rules of budget planning

New York in general is among the most expensive states to have IVF treatment as a single IVF Treatment cycle costs on average $24-30K. However, the exact cost may fluctuate depending on the number of treatments necessary and other factors such as the chosen clinic and insurance. According to some stats, no more than 38% of New York citizens have an insurance program that covers IVF treatments so in many cases, you will have to pay all the money from your pocket. 


To answer the question “How much is IVF in NY?” More precisely, it is important to determine the number of IVF treatments you may need to yield results. In some cases, one treatment cycle may be enough, however, there is no 100% guarantee that you will need only one single IVF cycle--you may ask your clinic or doctor for the extra costs that come with planting multiple embryos in case your first attempt is unsuccessful--in other words, there is no conception and pregnancy of a baby. 

The good news is that many clinics may offer you a significant discount for the second and third treatment attempts so you will be able to save some money until you finally get results. Even though it's hard to determine the results of your IVF treatments, your clinic may give you some info and data based on past cases, your age, quality of sperm, and medical history. 

Overall, the costs of an IVF cycle include:

  • Fertility testing
  • Ovulation Induction/Timed Intercourse
  • IVF Treatment sessions
  • Egg freezing

Each of these costs around $2-4K on average, however, the actual cost may differ from one clinic to another. 

Self-paid IVF sessions include a natural cycle IV costing $8K on average, minimal stim IVF which costs another $8K on average, Standard Stim IVF costing around $10-11K, frozen embryo transfer (around $4K) and facility fees which cost around $1K on average. 

The costs also do not include surrogacy mother costs which may multiply the costs by several thousands. 

How much is IVF in New York: Grants

The New York State government issues grants and allocates more than $1M of funds in clinics and fertility treatment centres, helping eligible couples diagnosed with fertility treatments, are U.S citizens between ages 21-44, have medical insurance, and have a household income of less than $200K per year. 


If you are eligible, you may be chosen by a fertility clinic in New York for IVF treatments. These clinics are willing to use these state funds to help couples who cannot pay by their means and who have a great enough prognosis to keep the high success rates of the clinic--the more successful a clinic is in such cases, the more state funds it gets from the program. In general, these clinics need to be over 33% successful to get chosen by the program and in turn, choose the patients/cases to be treated through the state program.


Usually, the state demands that clinics perform at least one IVF cycle per eligible applicant, but they can choose to follow up with a second IVF cycle if necessary. 


Even though it is unclear who actually chooses the patient/s to be treated for IVF, it is up to the clinic staff and the doctors in most cases collectively. 


It is also important to know that according to state statistics, only 5% of eligible couples are aware of this state initiative so if you fit all eligibility criteria and apply, chances of getting selected and funded by the state program are quite high. Your chances of getting selected will be higher if you can prove your case with added medical or financial documentation and give valid reasons why they should pick you. The list of possible candidates is reviewed as soon as the state funds are allocated. Even if you don’t want to hurry, it would be useful to apply and complete the required paperwork anyway and schedule an appointment to rise up to the list of candidates and raise your chances of getting picked from the list. 

How much does IVF cost in New York: Conclusions 

While the IVF cost in New York is among the highest in the U.S, many couples choose New York to have IVF due to the high success rates and the special state-funded programs to treat infertility in couples who are eligible and cannot afford to pay for IVF. 


The exact cost of IVF in New York is influenced by several factors such as the number of IVF sessions needed, insurance coverage, treatment course/duration, consultation fees, drugs/medication testing, additional medical fees, and fertility grants. 


To reduce the costs and the possible costs of IVF treatment without sacrificing your odds of success, we suggest that you take advantage of the state government funds if eligible, and check your insurance policies (in some cases they may be able to cover up to three cycles of IVF treatments), and ask your chosen fertility clinic if they offer discounts for multiple IVF cycles. Some fertility clinics in New York also offer additional perks and extras per IVF cycle or multiple cycles such as multiple or unlimited embryo transfers or free coverage of drugs so don’t be afraid to ask your clinic so you don’t pay the full price. 

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