How much does a surrogate make?

Olga Pysana
August 12 2022

We, like many other reproductive clinics and agencies, believe that every job has to be paid. Especially when it comes to the surrogate mother, who offers a miraculous gift of parenthood to those couples who struggle on their own to fulfill their dream of having a baby.

The exciting question for many people is how much does a surrogate make? Let’s discover the truth by comparing different countries’ pricing policies.

How much do you get paid to be a surrogate: different countries’ overview

Certain factors impact the final cost of a surrogate service. First of all, you should take into account the country itself and its living standards. Obviously, the surrogacy journey in the USA is much more expensive rather than in India or Kenya, because there’s a difference in levels of social life and financial capabilities.

Another aspect that influences the pay for the surrogate mother is her experience. If it’s the first time for a woman to become a gestational carrier for IPs, she will receive a bit less money in comparison to the second/third time. In California, the difference in the cost for a newly-minted surrogate and a proficient one is around $10,000.

In general, the most financial potential for a surrogate mother holds America and offers compensation of up to $60,000. Canada is also a favorable place for surrogate mothers who can receive for their honorable act of a new life creation between $30,000 and $40,000. Other European countries compensate surrogates in a declining manner.

How much do you get for being a surrogate: is it worth the effort?

A series of medical check-ups, physical and psychological screenings, counseling sessions, taking multiple tests, preparation for the pregnancy, constant monitoring, baby delivery, and afterward (sometimes) ― the feeling of emptiness and postpartum depression. That how the surrogacy journey looks like through the gestational carrier’s eyes. 

The question that might pop up in your head: is the whole process of becoming a surrogate worth the effort? How much does a surrogate make for this path to be worth following? The truth is when you become a witness to overwhelming happiness and engrossing gratitude from the intended parents’ side when they receive a child thanks to you, it all becomes crystal clear that becoming a surrogate is definitely worth all effort in the world. As long as one more couple experiences the gift of parenthood through your generosity and compassion.

How much can a surrogate mother make: can it be a source of income?

Even if we don’t take into account American surrogacy and its payment scheme, Georgian or Mexican $10,000-$15,000 are still a decent sum of money for a surrogate mother. However, a highly essential thing to remember is that surrogates don’t join fertility clinics because of financial encouragement. Females do it, because they CAN bear a child, and some other IPs cannot due to certain personal circumstances or health restrictions. But a lot of people of a child-bearing age dream about having kids despite the obstacles on their way. So why should you as a willing and healthy woman restrict yourself from helping these IPs out?

More than that, not every lady that is eager to help couples to conceive a child can become a surrogate unless she fits the requirements. And among other important qualifications, there’s a financial aspect too. This means that your agency representatives will check your income status to ensure that you’re not becoming a surrogate because of a monetary reward. Such a measure is incorporated with the best intention ― to guarantee transparency of a surrogacy process and establish trust between both parties.

Should you join the community of new life creators ― surrogate mothers, don’t hesitate to visit our website and get in contact with our manager for further details.

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