How does surrogacy work?

Olga Pysana
August 12 2022

Pursuing the surrogacy path is a decision impacted by a strong desire to have a biological child despite adverse circumstances. Once intended parents chose their surrogacy agency for dream fulfillment, the next question that awaits them is how does surrogacy work? What should we do further? How does surrogate pregnancy work?

Let’s explore this topic in detail, giving future intended parents a meaningful educational background before launching a surrogacy journey. 

How does a surrogate work: starting point

Before immersing themselves in the world of surrogacy, it is crucial for the intended parents to distinguish between different types of surrogacy. Why? Because the role of a surrogate mother differs a bit in each of the surrogacy types.

The initial surrogacy direction is considered to be traditional surrogacy. It presupposes that the surrogate mother has a biological and genetic link to the baby she carries. Such type of surrogacy works for those couples who use their relatives or close friends as surrogates. 

However, traditional surrogacy wasn’t enough to fulfill IPs’ dreams of having a kid, biologically related to them. The growing demand resulted in emerging of gestational surrogacy ― the opposite type of surrogacy that assumes no genetic link between the surrogate (who is called a gestational carrier) and the newborn. 

Once you as an intended parent decide which surrogacy type to choose, further arrangements such as preliminary consultations and medical examinations, preparation of a surrogacy program, matching with a surrogate, etc. come in place.

How does being a surrogate work: is everything smooth?

It’s completely natural for both intended parents and the surrogate to feel nervous before the matching process takes place. There are a lot of “what ifs” that can undermine your confidence and positive attitude. Before letting yourself be swept by fears, remember that the proven surrogacy agency responsibly chooses surrogate mothers. The willing females should meet certain criteria, and pass physical and psychological tests before the confirmation of their candidacy.

More than that, if you are afraid that the surrogate mother might want to take your baby from you ― it’s just a groundless myth. All surrogate mothers in a reputable surrogacy clinic are mentally prepared for the fact that they are mediators between IPs’ dream of having a child and its realization. Surrogate mothers contribute to the happiness of intended parents’ families and they clearly understand their highly honorable mission.

There’s also a common fear of facing a homophobic attitude from the surrogate’s side toward the LGBT couple pursuing their dream of parenthood. Such an occasion absolutely cannot happen, since the fertility clinic staff whose specialty is gay surrogacy has a highly attentive and personalized approach to same-sex IPs while matching them with the surrogate. No one wants to have a dark stain on their reputation for disrespecting somebody’s dream of a growing family due to gender or marital status. 

How does a surrogate mother work: WCOB tips

If you’re interested in how does being a surrogate work, World Center of Baby is eager to outline some of the key principles and share its experience as well as helpful tips with you. 

First of all, the choice of the right surrogacy agency is of utmost importance for the intended parents. So before making your decision, we advise you to read other IPs’ testimonials to find out what’s the essence of their success stories and what was their relationship with a surrogate. Such research will also help you to picture the clinic’s attitude toward the surrogate and how they treat gestational carriers.

Secondly, when you step into the matching process with a surrogate, don’t be shy to ask certain questions which will help you to understand whether you and the surrogate share common values and imagine the surrogacy journey in a similar way.

Finally, a reliable surrogacy agency will be transparent with you at all stages of the surrogacy process, so you will receive regular reports about the surrogate well-being and her pregnancy. More than that, you have a full right to monitor the whole process until the exact baby’s delivery. So please note this aspect while discussing the terms of cooperation with the clinic’s personnel. 

If you have any additional questions concerning the topic “How does a surrogate mother work?” ― don’t hesitate to visit our website and get in touch with a manager. WCOB team will surely answer your questions that weren’t covered in this article and will be utmostly honored to become the supporting partner on the way to your dream realization.

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