Why Become A Surrogate Mother: What Motivates A Woman To Become Pregnant For Others?
December 11 2022

Our agency helps clients who need a surrogate to fulfill their dream of having a child. Our program is available to men and women, whether they are married or single; U.S. citizens and those from all over the world; people who cannot have a biological child without our help.

The question arises: why become a surrogate mother? Surrogates are given the opportunity to give a gift that no one else can: the chance for intended parents to have a child when they might not otherwise be able. Intended parents turn to surrogacy because they need help conceiving—but you’re giving them more than just that; you're also offering loving people an opportunity at starting their own family, which is something special indeed!

Surrogacy is a way for you to give the gift of life. They’ll be eternally grateful—and so will the people who love them and are waiting for this opportunity.

Yes, you get paid. While our surrogates agree that financial compensation is not the only reason they choose to become a surrogate—for some of them it's also about wanting to help build their family and provide assistance in creating life; for others it's simply an honor or desire to do something special for another person—all find that being compensated serves as a benefit worthy enough consideration. You can be compensated generously if you qualify to become a surrogate. You should consider using the compensation for lifestyle, family, loan or vacation expenses—all of which will help your well-being and happiness.

However, of course, it should be understood that this is not an easy journey. We must know that it is a responsibility and a certain complex process.

Why Would Someone Want To Be A Surrogate: Is it possible to love being pregnant? 

Women perform extraordinary feats every day: they run companies, develop new technologies, and find solutions for the many pressing social and environmental problems we face. In just one day, the world's women welcome 360,000 new children into existence; they do so after many months of dedication to pregnancy itself.

Some women have chosen to be surrogate mothers, offering the gift of a child they carry to intended parents who cannot conceive on their own. These families include same-sex couples and heterosexual ones in which there is some medical reason why one parent can't bear children—but many other kinds as well. The story of each family's journey toward parenthood often touches all those involved for life; what drives these women?

Most surrogate mothers cite a simple motivation for carrying someone else's child. They know the joy that comes with raising children, and they feel compassion for people who have struggled to become parents themselves. They want to help and are willing to provide a safe and healthy place for children until they can be born into their intended parents' home.

And yes, there are women who love the process of pregnancy itself. For example, Carole Horlock. A woman who gave birth to 14 children for other families. She says that she loves being pregnant. 

Why Would Someone Be A Surrogate: We'll Be Happy to Help!

Hopefully we were able to explain why would someone be a surrogate. Of course, only you can answer the question: why do you want to be a surrogate? Becoming a surrogate mother is both an exciting and life-changing decision—not only for the intended parents you are helping, but also for yourself. Surrogacy is an amazing gift—but it's also a long and difficult process. If you're ready to make your dream of becoming a parent come true, we'll be happy to help!

Why Do You Want To Be A Surrogate: Is It Right For You?

You are the only person who can choose whether this is a path you want to pursue. Regardless of your reasons for considering whether or not to become a surrogate mother, know that it’s an incredible opportunity to do something special for others and you will be better off as a result.

For many women, being a surrogate is an exciting way to experience pregnancy. Whatever has brought you to this point—whether financial hardship or simply wanting to help someone else fulfill their dream of becoming a parent—you’re already extraordinary for considering it.

We welcome you to fill out our online application and speak with us about the many benefits of becoming a surrogate.

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