Success Story
Surrogacy success: our path to parenthood or Our successful surrogacy journey. A surrogacy story of hope and joy.
October 23 2023

At World Center of Baby, we are honored to accompany individuals and couples on their unique journeys to parenthood. One of the couples we helped shared her successful experience. Their extraordinary surrogacy journey reflects the boundless love and determination that guide the paths of those seeking to build their families. Please join us as we delve into Ashley and Elizabeth’s remarkable tale.




Aspiration to parenthood: the beginning of the journey of surrogacy.


We have been married for several years, and we have been together for about eight years. We are Cubans. However, now we have Spanish citizenship, and we live in Madrid, Spain.


We dreamt of the wealth in life – creating our own family. For seven years, we continuously tried to get pregnant and underwent a series of medical procedures and tests: insemination, multiple IVF attempts, and IVF with donor cells. We experienced countless moments of despair and disappointment as we consistently received notifications of negative results: secondary infertility and chronic conditions. It seemed like the labyrinth of medical procedures was impossible to conquer for us. However, we decided not to give up and not to lose hope, choosing to turn to the world of surrogacy.


That was a turning point for us. Our most important goal was not how our child would be born but that we would become parents. We understood that the path to parenthood could be challenging, but we embarked on this journey with utmost seriousness and determination, ready to overcome any obstacles. A day after receiving the final unsuccessful result, while browsing Facebook, we found a page (World Center of Baby) about surrogacy, and we thought, why not give it a try?


We began to search and inquire, and we found other Spanish citizens who had a similar situation to ours. We reached out to them, and they recommended the agency World Center of Baby. We considered other agencies, and once we received the recommendation, we contacted the agency coordinator, Anastasia, without hesitation.


We thoroughly researched the process and approached it seriously. Although it can be emotionally challenging that we can't have children on our own, what truly matters is becoming parents, regardless of the method chosen.


Getting to know the surrogate mother: excellent communication, and quality teamwork.


We got to know the surrogate mother. Initially, we met with her and talked, and all of this was facilitated by the coordinator, in our case, Anastasia. We learned about her life, her interests, and what motivated her to participate in the surrogacy program. She also asked us personal and other questions, creating a connection between us and initiating the process. We received all the necessary information from the coordinator.


 As soon as our surrogate mother became pregnant, the coordinator created a WhatsApp group with us, the surrogate mother, and Anastasia, as we needed assistance due to the language barrier. Communication was unrestricted; we could message anytime we wanted. We messaged several times a week because sometimes, especially in these early stages of pregnancy, progress can be a bit slow. In reality, until you reach twelve weeks or a bit more, it's important to remain cautious, particularly if you've had many previous unsuccessful attempts, like us.


They sent us the results of all examinations, tests, and ultrasounds and kept us informed about the progress. In addition, they promptly provided translations of all information. We were impressed with the quality of the ultrasound scans; they captured every aspect, from the legs and feet to the hands and mouth. After twelve weeks, the examinations showed no risks.



The beginning of our journey: our surrogacy story of patience and perseverance.


We began our journey in October 2021, although it was interrupted due to the situation in Ukraine. Nevertheless, considering the entire process, it took one and a half years. Overall, everything went well because pregnancy typically lasts for nine months. We were fortunate that it succeeded on the first attempt; that's crucial.


If you're trying, don't lose hope. Achieving success on the first attempt is challenging, and it might not work on the second or third try either. But don't give up; always persevere and maintain a positive mindset.


Family bonds: unwavering support on our surrogacy journey.


What about the support of our family? Yes, they supported us. We shared our journey with our closest ones, and they were thrilled. Everyone knew about our attempts.

Some family members found out earlier, while others found out a bit later because it's a process where everyone needs their own time. But we knew that even if someone was against it, nothing could halt this process.


The birth of a miracle: our daughter brought us true happiness.


Our daughter was born prematurely at only 36 weeks. We couldn't arrive on time. However, we made it 24 hours after receiving the notification on the same day. We started organizing our trip from Spain, which took at least 24 hours due to the absence of direct flights to Ukraine. The child was born on the 13th, and we arrived on the 14th. When we saw her in her crib, despite being premature, she had a healthy weight. It was a unique moment, and this memory will stay in our hearts forever. When we saw her, we immediately felt immense joy. She brought us a lot of happiness, and having her is like realizing a dream after eight years of struggle, making it the pinnacle of success. After the birth of a child, life changes, and there is less time for relaxation, but now we have become parents, and nothing else matters.



A surrogacy success story with World Center of Baby.


We chose Ukraine for our journey after stumbling upon a blessed post on Facebook, and we didn't explore any other options. Surrogacy is legal in Ukraine, and it stands among the countries with the most advanced facilities and a high success rate for such procedures. Ukraine is conveniently close to our home, so, theoretically, if it weren't for the internal situation in the country, the flight would have taken only 4 hours. Our time in Ukraine was exceptional. The people were hospitable, pleasant, and courteous; there was no fear on the streets. Everything felt pleasant despite the circumstances. It felt like we were still in Spain.


We are satisfied with our choice and the work of the entire World Center of Baby team. We would love to make the journey again. We have extra embryos for future programs, so we are not worried.


We only have pleasant memories; everything went wonderfully. We didn't encounter any problems that required changes. Everything happened very quickly and efficiently. The coordination, medical support, and assistance were all top-notch. The hospital was excellent, with great specialists, perfect care, and hygiene, and the entire team put in tremendous effort. There may have been minor downsides, but we didn't notice anything. We are happy and deeply grateful to the whole team at World Center of Baby. We are also overflowing with gratitude for our surrogate mother; she is a crucial person who made us happy.


Go for it. Don't be afraid. The happiness you will receive conquers all the fears you may have. Life is a complex journey, and the bigger the goals that you achieve, the more fulfilled you will always be. And right now, we are very, very happy.



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