How To Become A Surrogate In CA: Is it suitable for you?
Olga Pysana
December 11 2022

How to become a surrogate in CA? California as a state is not responsible for establishing most requirements for surrogates. Instead, individual surrogacy professionals have requirements that potential surrogates will need to meet.The California surrogacy requirements that professionals have can vary somewhat, but the guide below offers an overview of the standard requirements for surrogates in California, so you can find out whether or not you meet the requirements for surrogacy in CA.

Some women who are considering becoming a surrogate worry that they might not be able to meet California's health requirements.They’ve asked questions like, “Is there a weight requirement to be a surrogate in California?” “Can I be a surrogate if I have no children?” 


The surrogate health requirements in CA and across the U.S. are important for your own protection, but also for everyone else involved in your surrogacy journey—including the baby. Surrogate health requirements help ensure that everybody stays safe physically and legally as well financially if something were to go wrong during a pregnancy or delivery


  • To be eligible to become a surrogate, you will likely need to meet certain health requirements.
  • Having given birth once, with no complications.
  • No more than five vaginal births or three cesarean sections.
  • Smoke- and drug-free, including exposure to secondhand drugs or smoke.
  • A BMI between 19-33 is considered healthy.


If you qualify to be a surrogate in California, you’ll move on to the medical screening process. During this time, urine and blood tests will typically be administered along with other examinations. The medical screening assesses whether you are physically healthy enough to undergo the fertility treatments and embryo transfers that will make your surrogate pregnancy possible.


To learn more about health requirements for becoming a surrogate mother in California, or whether your specific condition may prevent you from volunteering as one, contact our specialists.


How To Become A Surrogate Mother In California: What Are The Age Limits?

People of all ages have expressed an interest in helping others become parents through surrogacy, so one of the most common questions about becoming a surrogate mother is “How old do I have to be?”


All surrogacy professionals in California and throughout the United States require that intended parents be over a certain age. There are always physical tolls that pregnancy takes on the human body, and there is always some risk associated with it. The age requirements for surrogates are designed to minimize those potential health risks, as women within a specific range tend best handle physical demands of pregnancy. This also minimizes the potential for health risks and legal problems—for everyone involved.


While the exact age range for surrogates can vary between agencies, most agree that a woman should be at least 21 years old and no older than 40 before becoming pregnant through surrogacy in California.


How To Become A Surrogate In California: Mental Health Requirements

How to become a surrogate in Сalifornia? You'll also need to meet several mental and emotional criteria for surrogacy in California. Requirements that some women may not have considered—such as the ability to cope with huge life changes, a yearning for children or an ironclad bond with your partner—have led some people to ask: "How will I know if I would be a good candidate for surrogacy? Can anyone be a surrogate mother?"


It is important to understand both your own emotions and those of the intended parents during a surrogacy because these processes can be difficult. TDuring the psychological screening process (which may include personality tests), a potential surrogate will discuss her feelings about surrogacy and how she would deal with situations that might arise during the journey.


Surrogates must have a strong and consistent support team at home to meet the important requirements of surrogacy in California. Surrogacy candidates should have a spouse or partner who supports their desire to become surrogate parents and at least one child they are raising together.


How To Be A Surrogate In California: You Will Become A Wonderful Surrogate Mother! 

Now let's try to explain: how to become a surrogate mother in California? If you meet these qualifications, California families may benefit from your giving heart. Surrogates are amazing women who devote their hearts, bodies and time to helping others become parents.


Becoming a surrogate in California is an incredible way to give something priceless to someone who’s been waiting for a child! So if you meet the qualifications and are ready to begin your journey, сontact a California surrogacy professional today to learn how you can help others by becoming a surrogate mother.


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