How To Start Surrogacy Process: Step By Step Instruction

Ihor Lanetskyi
December 11 2022

This question arises: how to start surrogacy process? For the most part, the surrogacy process is pretty straightforward, but there can be a lot to keep track of. Having an understanding of how the process works can help you feel more confident as you begin your surrogacy journey.

While state surrogacy laws and surrogacy professional and individual circumstances may impact the surrogacy process, this step-by-step guide will assist you with preparing for the surrogacy journey ahead.

How to start the surrogacy process: Instructions for intended parents 

  • Is surrogacy the right choice for your couple?


So how to start the surrogacy process? There are multiple reasons why you should consider surrogacy to expand your family, whether you are a couple who has struggled with infertility, an LGBT person, or a single parent. Before you begin the surrogacy process, you must educate yourself on the risks and benefits and ensure that you are willing to completely commit. 


As surrogacy is an expensive and emotional investment, prospective parents must be aware of the resources required to establish a family. If you or your spouse are struggling with the decision to have children through surrogacy or if you need additional information before choosing, you should seek out a surrogacy specialist or counselor.

  • Agency


Constantly asking yourself questions: "how to get started with surrogacy"? we should start with choosing an agency. An individual deciding to become a surrogate or parent via surrogacy must first determine what they desire and need from surrogacy and what sort of surrogacy professional they wish to hire. Surrogacy Agency. Surrogacy services such as matching, screening, case management, support, counseling, legal services, and more may be provided. You won't have to deal with legal, medical, or other issues. Your trusted agency will handle everything else. You will simply have to enjoy the experience.

  • Birth of the baby

After a long surrogacy procedure, the birth of a baby is life-changing for both the surrogate and the intended parents. When the baby is born, parents frequently accompany the surrogate to the hospital.

The surrogate and the new family might want to maintain a connection with each other throughout the child's life, and the surrogacy agency may be able to assist with this or any other post-surrogacy support that is required. If you're ready to begin surrogacy or want more information, contact a surrogacy expert right now.

How to get started with surrogacy: Instructions for a surrogate mother 

  • Decide whether surrogacy is right for you


Surrogacy is not without its difficulties, but it can be a transforming decision. You must endure medical and psychological assessments and procedures, endure pregnancy and labor difficulties, and care for a baby that isn't your own for one year or more.


 Despite the difficulties, many women believe that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If you are one of these women, surrogacy not just provides you with the opportunity to give a selfless and generous gift to another individual or family, but also provides you with significant economic and life-changing benefits.

  • Agency

Find a surrogacy firm to handle your specific situation once you're certain surrogacy is suitable for you. Your future legal, financial, and other issues will be resolved by your chosen firm.

  • The birth of a child


The new parents and the surrogate can all go home after the baby is born, with the surrogate having the satisfaction of having given parenthood to someone who would not have been able to do so on his own. You will get what you bargained for beforehand.

Whether you're looking to begin the surrogacy process or just have questions, contact a surrogacy expert right now. It is important to understand how to start surrogacy process? We hope we were able to answer the question: how to get started with surrogacy

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