How to get a surrogate?

Olga Pysana
August 12 2022

A surrogate mother plays an important role in the entire surrogacy process. Therefore, the question of how to get a surrogate mother is significant and alarming for many intended parents. Furthermore, there are cases when IPs delayed the start of their surrogacy journey just because they were afraid to make a mistake while choosing the surrogate. 

How to overcome this fear and which guidelines to follow when making a crucial decision for the sake of your future family? Let’s explore this topic in today’s blog post.

How to get a surrogate mother: qualifications

One of the essential aspects while getting a surrogate is realizing that all reputable surrogacy agencies and clinics have a thorough selection process and do not accept women only based on their pure enthusiasm. Special criteria were set in order to guarantee the highest level of safety and success of the surrogacy journey for IPs.

So you as an intended parent can be reassured that when you meet your surrogate for the first time, she’s already passed all of the obligatory check-ups and is eligible for a matching process. The average surrogate requirements are as such:

  • Females between the ages of 21-43;
  • Have had at least one healthy pregnancy and child delivery;
  • Have a normal Body Mass Index without obesity or extreme slimness preconditions;
  • Maintain financial stability;
  • Be physically and mentally healthy;
  • Refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug usage.

How do you find a surrogate mother: myths & misconceptions

Let’s assume that you as an intended parent are aware of the surrogate qualifications but still feel not at ease while starting the matching process. It’s probably because you firmly believe in some of the most popular myths concerning the figure of a surrogate mother.

Firstly, one of the most common fears is that a surrogate mother will suddenly change her mind and keep your baby. On the contrary, the majority of surrogates are afraid that YOU as an intended parent might abandon a child. More than that, if you opt for gestational surrogacy where the newborn and gestational carrier does not have a biological connection, it’s impossible for the surrogate to legally claim the baby as hers since she has no grounds for it.

Another misconception circulating around is that due to the language barrier it will be extremely hard to establish a good relationship full of trust between the surrogate and intended parents. To address this particular statement, we’d like to share WCOB’s personal experience. Thanks to our team of individually assigned coordinators and translators the surrogate and intended parent are placed in a comfortable atmosphere of mutual understanding and mental bonding that goes far beyond the language barrier. WCOB staff not only chooses the surrogate that technically fits the requirements. We serve the purpose to act as a matchmaker on a deeper, emotional level. 

How to do surrogacy: benefits of surrogacy agencies

Why is it advisable for intended parents to get a surrogate mother in a surrogacy agency? Because there are certain guarantees that you can receive only by means of cooperation with an agency.

To begin with, surrogacy agencies have already an existing database of healthy and willing surrogates who underwent a series of physical and psychological screenings in order to fit the requirements. You may be confident that the chosen surrogate has no sexually transmitted diseases and genetic deviation preconditions.

Moreover, the waiting list in the surrogacy agency is much shorter in comparison to other reproductive institutions or independent surrogacy searches. As a result, the agency saves your precious time, which can be redirected to more important issues during the surrogacy journey.

Finally, you as an intended parent receive full assistance and guidance before, during, and after the process of getting the surrogate. And thanks to constant help and encouragement you become more confident that your dream has a full chance to turn into a reality.

In case you are ready to launch your personal surrogacy journey and seek the ways to get a surrogate ― feel free to visit our website and book an appointment with our manager.

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