Dr. Veronika Ulanova

Obstetrician-gynaecologist, reproductologist

She specializes in the treatment of complex forms of infertility, including those caused by endocrine and immunological factors.

Veronika is an active participant in Ukrainian and international congresses, conferences and seminars dedicated to obstetrics, gynaecology, perinatology and reproductology.

Dr. Veronika Ulanova
National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets, Second Faculty of Medicine, specialty "General Medicine", Kiev
Internship at the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductology of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P.L. Shupika, Kiev


  • 2000 – Further training in the Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences on the topic “Methods of prenatal diagnosis of fetal diseases”, Moscow
  • 2006 – “Assisted reproductive technologies in the treatment of infertility”
  • 2007 – “Actual issues in obstetrics and gynecology”
  • 2009 – “Ultrasound echoscopy in obstetrics and gynecology”
  • 2010 – “Fundamentals of Reproduction”
  • 2010 – Pre-certification cycle (PAC) “Obstetrics and Gynecology” at the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P. L. Shupika, Kiev.

Currently, part-time mature student at the P. L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and her dissertation is devoted to the correction of immunological forms of infertility.

Member of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductologists (UARM), the European Association of Reproductologists (ESHRE), the Russian Association of Reproductologists (RARCH).



“The solution to the problem of infertility for each couple is individual, and that is why during diagnosis and treatment I use all of my knowledge and experience on reproductology and genetics, immunology, haematology and endocrinology.

As a woman, I am especially sensitive to the emotions of the patients who want to have a baby, but need to use surrogacy. Therefore, I am doing my best to make all of our patients feel emotionally comfortable at the Rodinne Dzherelo clinic”.

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