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Ukraine is famous for its positive attitude to surrogacy motherhood. More and more couples are coming to Ukraine every year for infertility treatment. This is not only because of affordable prices, but also because of the high quality of service.At present, in Ukraine, there are a lot of clinics which provide surrogacy, egg donation and infertility treatment services

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Why Ukraine?
  • Surrogacy in Ukraine is the most affordable and legally secure option for heterosexual couples looking to start a family
  • Supportive legislation (e.g. the fact of surrogacy stays confidential and the names of intendedparents are specified on the original birth certificate; it also regulates the processand protects the surrogates` and donors` rights)
  • Ukraine follows a modern legal tradition. Federal regulations explicitly support surrogacy contracts for heterosexual married couples. The law in Ukraine specifically states that the baby «belongs» to the intended parents and the surrogate mother has no prenatal rights. Embryo donation is legal and egg donation is regulated by law
  • Proximity to Europe. Moreover, Europeans, Americans and UK citizensdo not need a special visato enter Ukraine
  • Ukraine enjoys relatively high living standards and surrogate mothers are accustomed to safe living conditions and availability of healthy organic food
Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Assisted reproductive programs and surrogacy programs are regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine.

When a baby is born to a surrogate mother, the genetic parents are considered the legal parents of a child. A child is registered as the legal child of genetic parents and in no way as a «test-tube baby.»

At the legislative level, there was not a single case of a disrespectful attitude of genetic parents towards a surrogate mother, forceful carrying by a surrogate mother of somebody else’s child and vice versa, no surrogate mother harmed or caused any inconvenience to genetic parents.

Couples whose marriage is officially registered can use the surrogacy service in Ukraine. Under the law, same-sex couples and singles can’t take part in a surrogacy program.

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